Arimus Media Profile

Arimus Media is a production company focusing on the development of powerful and creative content in multimedia production. We work with dedication to conceptualize and create attention getting results that satisfy specific goals and reach desired target markets. Arimus Media consists of a team of qualified and proficient experts in various fields of multimedia production.
We work in all aspects of a show’s production, from concept development, pre-production, initial story lines to the final edit and production to final delivery.arim FRONT-DESK

Arimus Media specializes in a variety of different formats, from documentaries, magazine shows, talk shows, and debate shows.
We have been involved in the production of full-fledged Features, Documentaries, Commercials, Community Service Responsibility (CSR) coverage, Events, Music, Plays and Soaps and corporate video profiles for various companies and organizations.
Arimus Media boasts of programs such as Africa Leadership Dialogues, The Great Debaters Contest and Maisha.